My Most Viewed Videos


It’s that time of year where I start evaluating my previously created content. I’ve attempted to edit videos for quite some time now, and I’m going way back to when camcorders were stuck in this middle ground of burning video content onto MiniDVDs. I kind of broke new ground when I discovered the concept of the capture card and Halo 3 theater mode, those good old days when Machinima had user generated content before it all dissipated years later. I’ll have to find a way to recover those off of a Windows Vista machine (i.e. never.)

So this will be me sharing the content I made during and after college, but the stuff that accumulated the most amount of views. This is the period of time where I was dealing with a grossly under powered Macbook pro but still managed to learn Adobe Premiere through sheer willpower and made my first ever adobe after effects animation (that took 2 days to compose).

Starting with a more recent success is my most viewed video from PAX East 2016 where I demoed Suda 51’s Let It Die before release with a raw gameplay video. All we had was a shotgun mic so I had to do a lot of shouting and working around audio in post.

Flashing back to some of our best performing interviews at TYF is a handful of red carpet interviews from Tribeca Film Festival. In 2015 we interviewed Oscar Isaac before he starred in Star Wars and X-Men, and in 2016, Tom Hiddleston at the premiere of The Night Manager.

One of my favorites because this is where I truly had a grasp on Avid Media Composer at the end of the semester in my Media Composition course. Also this stars my brother, and Godzilla.

I hate that this is my best performing video ever. But I do have to pat myself on the back for it considering it was made with an iPhone and filmed, edited, and uploaded in less than an hour.

The second trailer reaction I did was a similar effort that I tried to integrate when Periscope was still popular, but the views didn’t accumulate the same way.

My first recording with an external mic on my Canon DLSR

God the audio is so bad on this one, although I blame the fact that I did it at 2 AM through a haze of nyquill.

This 2 video piece is my first major project in Adobe Premiere and is still one of my favorites. Sadly it didn’t garner too many views despite being released in the right time window. This was before I learned the power of SEO.

Despite an over saturation of Marvel content on YouTube, I wanted to make this list something a bit more than a few hundred words on a website.

One of my more ambitious pieces at the end of 2014 to gather some VO from some other members of the TYF writing staff and piece our top 10 games of the year, even though there were only a handful of us to compose the list

I can’t believe this is still online. This is my first ever video editing project from back when youtube had only 4:3 480p upload quality.


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